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Student Survey:  Are Students' Rights Protected in Local Schools?

Groton-Dunstable Regional High School

1. Have your rights as a student ever been violated?
 I donít think so,  Iím not sure.  Iíve never been suspended or anything.  But Iíve heard about kids whoíve had their lockers searched and stuff.
2. Have your rights as a citizen ever been violated in a school?  How?
 I donít think they have.  Itís the same question.  Yeah, Iíve heard of kids being suspended and it doesnít sound right, but never me.
3. Which do you believe Ďout weighí the other rights?  The right to an education?  Or the Right to Free Speech?
I think that free speech does.

 Why do you believe this?
 I donít know,  I just do.  But itís hard because you need an education to, their equal almost.  They donít outweigh eachother.
4. Are you familiar with any court cases on the subject of students rights?
 No Iím not, except something I heard about this girl who was searched and they found pot on her, but she was only smoking (ciggarettes).
5. Do you feel like your school teaches you enough about your rights as a citizen enacted prior to your 18th birthday?
Yeah, I think so.  I learned about the constitution and all.  Never read it though.  I know I can vote and stuff like that.  I donít know everything though.

Lindsey Earnest, Sophomore