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Student Survey:  Are Student Right Protected in Local Schools?

North Middlesex Regional High School

1. Have your rights as a student ever been violated?
 Not really, Iíve never been searched or anything like that.  I have worked on the paper, and I quit because they would edit my papers so they were beyond P.C.
2. Have your rights as a citizen ever been violated in a school?  How?
 I guess they have, with the paper and all.  I didnít like how they edited and stuff, so I stopped writing.  Doesnít freedom of the press and free speech fall under that?
3. Which do you believe Ďoutweighí the other rights?  The right to an equal education?  Or the Right to Free Speech?
 I donít know, itís too hard to tell.  One is your education and the other is the right to be yourself, you canít choose between the two.
  Why do you believe this?
  Because itís my rights, isnít it?  You canít choose between rights.  Theyíre yours.
4. Are you familiar with any court cases on the subject of studentsí rights?
 No Iím not.
5. Do you feel like your school teaches you enough about your rights as a citizen enacted prior to your 18th birthday?
I donít know, I know a little about all that stuff, but Iím not sure if I can even file for taxes or something like that.  I donít know how to vote completely, I might be, I donít know.

Ingrid Bradley: Sophomore