May 1998

The Project

  This page is part of a project that I am required to complete inorder to enter into Division III Arts & Humanities.  I attend the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School, in Devens Massachusetts which has its home page here.  My name is Sandra Brown, and I'm in my sophomore year of school, technically.  However, we don't have grades.
    The topic of these pages is "How Students Rights Are Being Protected and Violated By Local Schools."  I chose this topic because we've been learning primarily about American history through may sub-sections this year in Arts and Humanities.   It also tied into what I do in my school, I am a Community Congress official, but not for long since we are re-writting the constitution and it no longer contains my position.  I also enjoy doing things with government.  So, I decided that this was the project I would complete, considering it was my favorite.

What the Project Intales For Me

1. Research The Constitution and Supreme Court Rulings.  Outline the ones which impacted student’s rights, and include them in the web site.
2. Interview administrators and students from schools in surrounding area.  Possible schools; Groton-Dunstable, North Middlesex, Bromfield.
3. Using collected research, define possible focuses of the artistic piece, and create it.  Also create graphics and a symbol for the student’s rights movement (it could happen) for the web site.
4. Write a paper on how students rights are being protected, and or violated.
5. Collect all research and begin to construct the web site.  The web site will contain 4 subcategories, the law as written by the United States Government, the interviews I will conduct, my written piece(s), subject to more essays than the initial essay, and the forum, a collection of pieces which have been submitted by ‘net surfers’ and a message board where issue may be discussed.
    Okay, so it will contain 5 subcategories, because of this page right here and the pages on Parker.  Close enough.  I also chose this project because of my interest in the web page.  I love making web pages.  My family was connected to the Internet just this past September, and I've become quite accustomed to it.  I've done other pages,  you can see here.
    So I thank you all for coming to my page on student rights, and remember that student rights are an important part of today's society.  Just because some adolecents can't handle their rights at this age doesn't mean the majority can't.  We can and we will, and we deserve our rights as citizens, TODAY!!!! 
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